Shaun Thong sets to join Super GT300 with X Works, Evangelion Racing and Nismo

2019 Super GT300

Hong Kong March 4, 2019

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Shaun Thong will make his debut in the Japanese Super GT Championship in GT300 class with Hong Kong team X WORKS alongside Evangelion Racing and Nismo. X WORKS is also the first China Hong Kong team to enter Super GT.

Super GT, originally titled as the Japan GT Championship, is a grand touring car championship established in 1993, After 25 years, Super GT is now one of the most competitive GT championships worldwide with over 400,000 annual spectators and 200,000 online followers per race.

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Following the entry in Super GT and the partnership with Nismo, X WORKS also announced their collaboration with Evangelion Racing today. The X WORKS Nissan GT-R GT3 entered under race number #33 will be named Evangelion Unit-01 and coloured in the signature purple and green colour scheme.

“I always admired Super GT’s atmosphere and it’s wide variety of race cars racing at the same time. It is my pleasure to be part of the championship in 2019 and it marks a very huge step forward for my career. The championship will be a whole new challenge for myself and the environment is completely different from what i am used to although the majority of GT300 grids are FIA GT3 race cars. I am looking forward to the first race weekend which will be starting on Okayama and I am looking forward to be racing in all those famous Japanese circuits. I also have to thank you all sponsors for their support otherwise this wouldn’t be happening today” Said Thong

Thong also added “The Evangelion anime is one of the most renowned anime ever produced and their fans base is enormous, I couldn’t express briefly how lucky i feel to be piloting the Evangelion Unit-01 Nissan GT-R GT3 Nismo for the full season on my Super GT300 debut.”

X WORKS, Shaun Thong and his Co-driver Marchy Lee will continue to explore the 2019 Spec Nismo GT-R GT3 in the Super GT Official Test in Okayama Circuit on March 16 - 17 after a very successful and positive rollout test in Twin Ring Motegi last week.

Provisional Calendar for 2019 Super GT Series:

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