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Thong scores his first Super Taikyu Series Podium

2018 Super Taikyu Series

Sugo Sportsland 30 April 2018

2018_Super Taikyu_Rd2_SUGO_006.JPG

In Just the second outing of Shaun Thong's Super Taikyu Series debut, he and his No.82 squad alongside Alex Yoong and Alex Au scored their first podium finish in 2nd place after 3 Hours of battle in Sugo Sportsland. 

Thong took over the car from Yoong after an early Full Course Yellow was called out with just 25 minutes into the race. With the early driver change strategy Thong rejoined the pack in 5th position with fresh tires and full fuel loading. Within the stint Thong quickly climbed up the order and took the overall race lead by Lap 48 whilst lapping the fastest lap in the process. However shortly after the driver change to Au while leading, the lead was lost to the rival when their professional driver hunts down Au towards the closing stage. 

"My stint was great, our engineer decided to make an early stop due to Full Course Yellow and we gain precise time on the pitstop while having fresher tires and full tank to do a full stint later on. It benefited me as i took the overall leading position and the gap between me and 2nd kept increasing but they managed to catch us back in the last stint when our Amateur driver was behind the wheel. Nevertheless it is a very solid result and happy to know that we have the ability to win as a team in such a competitive environment." Said Thong

Thong and his No.82 squad currently stand 4th in the Championship with just 9 points behind the leader. Round 3 of the championship will be the Fuji Speedway 24 Hours from 5/31 - 6/3 with double points awarded. 


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