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Shaun Thong's Super GT Debut interrupted by rain affected red flag

2019 Super GT300

Okayama International Circuit April 13 - 14, 2019

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On Saturday Shaun Thong and Marchy Lee’s #33 Eva RT Unit-01 GTR by X Works made into Top 16 in Qualifying 1 with Thong setting a 1:26:272 which put the #33 Nissan GT-R GT3 Nismo in 7th place. Lee then qualified 15th in Q2 which was ultimately the starting order for Sunday’s main race out of 29 GT300 entries.

However Sunday shows a complete opposite of weather situation, the track was hampered by continuous downpour and cold temperature. Lee started the race and green flag situation did not last long until front runners in the GT300 class caused a 7 laps long safety car period, shortly after the restart Thong’s race ended in lap 13 with Lee behind the wheel after a multiple car accident involving #10 GT-R, #7 Aston Martin, #48 GT-R and the #33 Eva Unit-01 GT-R by X Works.

Lee said “It was unfortunate and there was no way i could have avoided the accident, I went to the left because i saw there was a damaged car and barrier all over the track but i did not expect the debris went across the track, ultimately i hit one of the wheel of either the GT-R or Aston Martin who were involved in an earlier accident just split seconds in front of me and my car was damaged from the impact and lost steering, from there on I was just a passenger in the car".”

I am glad to know that Marchy was good after the impact and was unharmed said Thong. He added “Under these conditions it is extremely tricky even for top drivers and Okayama is a very tight circuit and with 44 cars racing at the same time, the spray from the car in front really hinders the visibility and at the end of the day everyone is pushing to their limit from the cockpit. It is definitely not the debut me and the team were looking forward to but motorsport is always unpredictable, we will work our way back and be stronger in Fuji for the second race.”

The race was eventually red flagged for the second time after the restart following another accident involving the an AMG GT3, the race was ultimately red flagged and stopped due to the heavy downpour and half points were rewarded for the result.


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